The Ancient Aliens Guy And The Ancient Astronaut Theory

Man has a fascinating relationship with space. Man is an inquisitive creature by nature and is always on the lookout for new things in life. He has always gone in search of extra terrestrial beings in space. He believes that there may be many such worlds similar to ours. The inhabitants may be as intelligent as him or more. Just as man is in search of aliens, aliens might also be in search of similar inhabitants. Such a theory gained credibility in the ancient times. One such man who believed that aliens interacted with humans was Giorgio A. Tsoukalos.

He was the first man to claim that aliens interacted with ancient humans. People call him the “Ancient Aliens Guy.” He is a Swiss born Greek-Austrian writer. He is also a renowned television personality. His greatest contribution to literature is the fact that he is the co-founder of the “Legendary Times Magazine.” This deals with the topic of ancient astronauts and their activities. He is renowned for his research in the field of ancient astronomy…..