Bizarre Cursed and Haunted Videos on the Internet

The Internet is an amazing thing that has changed our lives in various ways, making it perhaps one of the most important technological developments in recent times. Yet it is also a place that has spawned its fair share of spooky strangeness, and indeed even supposed curses and hauntings. Here in cyberspace there seems to have sprouted a new avenue of the paranormal, that of ghosts, curses, and other weirdness that has firmly taken root in this new medium of our modern times. I have written of such things here at Mysterious Universe before, on several occasions in fact, but such tales and accounts are vast in number, and seem to show no sign of waning. One subspecies of Internet hauntings and general weirdness is that of the cursed or haunted video, which in this era of YouTube have managed to spread around and be talked about by the masses, and which prove that the Internet is a formidable new venue for the weird and unexplained.

Many of the creepiest videos to be found on the Internet are those that are said to be cursed or haunted, or to at least inflict a profound, inexplicable sense of dread upon the viewer. Perhaps one of the most well known of these is a video usually referred to as “Suicidemouse.avi,” which allegedly appeared on 4chan on Nov. 25, 2009 and subsequently on YouTube, under the title “Suicide Mouse — Unseen Freaky Footage” and posted by a user going by the name Nec1. It at first seems innocuous enough, featuring old-fashioned footage of the iconic Disney character Mickey Mouse walking down a looped city street with his head down and his hands clasped behind his back, but mere moments into the clip things begin to feel rather unsettling indeed.

The first thing that gets the hairs standing up is the decidedly creepy music playing over the whole thing. The music is played on a piano and is off-key and out of tune, at times seeming to be someone just randomly punching at the keys. This bizarre music creates a noticeable sense of dread and revulsion almost immediately, and it gets worse as it becomes more garbled and strange until it sounds like just white noise or static. Another thing that adds to the disturbing quality of the video is that it becomes quite apparent that rather than his usual jovial self, Mickey Mouse here is depicted as quite morose and despondent, in addition to his whole general design and representation seeming off somehow. As the video goes on the images allegedly begin to contort and become steadily more erratic until the screen suddenly goes black at the 1:50 mark.

This might seem to be the end of the video, but it resumes again, with the original poster claiming that the blank screen lasted until the 6 minute mark before resuming. When the video starts again, the soundtrack is at first absent, with only an eerie silence, but when the off-kilter music returns it has been infused by the sound of garbled mumbling and indistinct voices punctuated by a woman’s screams, which begin to build in intensity as Mickey cracks an obscene smile. The images also become bent and distorted until finally buildings are supposedly collapsing and crumbling all around, until Mickey falls down dead, a syringe in his hand. A blurry Mickey Mouse logo then supposedly is shown and a card is displayed which reads in Russian, “The sights of hell bring its viewers back in,” before the video goes black once more, this time for good. Others who have seen the video claim that it has fleeting images that pop up throughout, such as a wild-eyed man and a winged demonic entity of some kind……