How would YOU react to the discovery/reveal of alien life?

Researchers are confident that mankind would more likely embrace the official discovery of alien life rather than panic.

Many novels and movies speak about alien invasions, discoveries, reveals and multiple extraterrestrial scenarios. There are also many people who have come forward stating they have encountered extraterrestrials in some way or another. Alot of the time, in the fictional sense in any case, depictions of alien interactions with humans shows panic and chaos consuming the human race.

The reality is though, it would be very difficult to predict just how we as a race would react to the discovery of extraterrestrial life.

A recent study had researchers analyze over 500 responses from participants who were shown a hypothetical article of the discovery of microbial alien life.

Interestingly, the majority of responses were optimistic about the ‘discovery’, however when asked, they believed others would be less positive about it. The results of the study however reveal that humankind as a whole may very well be ready for such a discovery…..


X-Flight: Dangerously Close UFO Encounter With Plane Caught on Video (WATCH)

An Argentine pilot had an extremely close encounter with unidentified flying objects; luckily he was able to record a video clip of the X-Files-like experience with the help of his trusty smartphone.

The video clip of two mysterious flying objects passing just meters in front of a cockpit at high speeds has made a buzz on YouTube.

An Argentinian veteran pilot filmed two UFOs out of his cockpit which had passed dangerously close to his private plane, cutting through dense clouds; one craft moved twice from one side to the other before it disappeared from sight…..


Top 10 MUFON Alien And UFO Files

Apart from the government bodies that are responsible for the investigation of authenticity of UFO and alien sightings, there are many civilian UFO investigative organizations as well who diligently investigate and keep records of all UFO sightings and alien encounters that are being reported. One of the largest and oldest such organization is MUFON or Mutual UFO Network, which is a non-profit organization and is based out of Newport Beach in California and has member strength of more than three thousand.

There are many UFO files that are being opened at MUFON where the researchers try to uncover the truth behind the reported sightings and encounters. Here is an account of the top UFO files….

5 Possible Types Of The Alien Spaceship

Alien UFO sightings are a very common phenomenon in many states of America and other parts of the world. Most of the times, people who have reported of sighting a UFO cannot describe the spaceship as all they see is a some flickering or steady lights moving in the sky. In some cases, the lights are seen to change colors, but at the end of the day, when it comes to describing the spaceship not much is retrieved from these live witnesses.

There are, however, few lucky ones who purportedly have the opportunity to see a spaceship in much detail, thanks to their sudden alleged encounters with aliens. In this article, we will be discussing such 5 types of alien spaceships, descriptions of which are based on the accounts of these witnesses…..

Top 5 Underwater UFO Sightings

UFOs or unidentified flying objects have been the point of discussion for thousands of people on whether they really exist or not. UFO sighting in the skies of many countries has been reported in large numbers over the last few decades. However, there are certain underwater UFO sightings as well which not many people are aware of. Here is the list of such top 5 underwater UFO sightings that will make you understand that it is only the skies for the aliens to hangout, but they use the waters as well…..

The UFO Sightings Of The Space-Time Portal In Switzerland, Russia And Australia 2016

The video shows three different sightings of suspected UFOs in three different parts of the world. All the sightings happened between December 2015 and January 2016 and have occurred over the skies of Switzerland, Australia and Russia. What is common in the three sightings is that there has been an inter-dimensional portal which has either emerged out of nowhere or has vanished into thin air after the suspected UFOs has approached them.

The portal that engulfs a shining object over the skies of Geneva, Switzerland looks more like a swirl of smoke in the blue skies. The portal that is seen to appear in the Australian skies looks somewhat similar to a ball lightning, but it certainly is not an instance of ball lightning. The last portal that appears over the skies of St. Petersburg in Russia looks like blue rays from a torch in the sky which develops into a bright and shiny object, a suspected UFO……

Top UFO Sightings In America

The most talked about mass UFO sighting happened on 13th March 1997, in Nevada when around seven hundred people spotted strange lights in the sky that hovered over the city Phoenix for more than a couple of hours. While the U.S. Military has refuted the possibility of those lights bearing any connection with aliens or UFOs by calling them as flares that were being launched by A-10 Warthog aircraft, many residents of Phoenix, including the then Governor Fife Symington, believe that it was something more than mere flares……

The sightings of Mexico volcano UFO

According to the British “Daily Star” reported the Colima volcanic activity was increasing recently, it spewed out huge quantities of magma with poisonous gas for multiple times and the ash as high as 1600 meters above, making the residents surrounding the areas have to leave. Colima volcano actually had about more than 100 years without large-scale eruption, so the recent activities cause the attention of the local people. Someone used instant photography to monitor the volcanic activity, in order to take timely response measures, but captured something like UFO flying through the above of the volcano unexpectedly……


The Ancient Aliens Guy And The Ancient Astronaut Theory

Man has a fascinating relationship with space. Man is an inquisitive creature by nature and is always on the lookout for new things in life. He has always gone in search of extra terrestrial beings in space. He believes that there may be many such worlds similar to ours. The inhabitants may be as intelligent as him or more. Just as man is in search of aliens, aliens might also be in search of similar inhabitants. Such a theory gained credibility in the ancient times. One such man who believed that aliens interacted with humans was Giorgio A. Tsoukalos.

He was the first man to claim that aliens interacted with ancient humans. People call him the “Ancient Aliens Guy.” He is a Swiss born Greek-Austrian writer. He is also a renowned television personality. His greatest contribution to literature is the fact that he is the co-founder of the “Legendary Times Magazine.” This deals with the topic of ancient astronauts and their activities. He is renowned for his research in the field of ancient astronomy…..

What is SETI (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence) ?

In 1984, the University of California, Berkeley had started a global plan to search for extraterrestrial life called SETI@home (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence at home) and the project is to use the radio telescope searching the signals from aliens.

Since 1999, anyone in the world who is willing to join the SETI can be involved in the signal analysis tasks. Now has 8.4 million users in 226 countries joined the program. When their computers into the screen saver will access the network signal analysis, this will enhance the scientists to find the unknown signal analysis ability. But others questions are the signal analysis will bring trouble to users, such as virus, potential safety problems, etc. For searching extraterrestrial civilization agency, the scientists say the program is the open source, anyone can check whether there is a virus or problematic code. In the past 15 years, this program had been used by millions of people…..