Bizarre Paranormal Encounters in the War in Afghanistan

There can be no doubt that terrifying things can happen in times of war. However, in most cases it can at least be counted on that the enemy one faces is a living human being. What happens when other, more supernatural forces creep into war zones? What are soldiers to do when faced with mysterious phantoms, ghosts, apparitions and entities against which they have no experience and which they have not been trained to fight? War zones have attracted tales of hauntings and supernatural phenomena since time unremembered, and certainly one of the more modern such places of paranormal terror is the desolate battlefields of the war in Afghanistan. This is a place that is not only plagued by fighting and violence, but also apparently strange forces that have shown some soldiers here that human enemies are not always the only thing to be scared of in these bleak, violent wastelands.

Several mysterious reports came from a United States Marine who had just come back home after serving a tour of duty in Afghanistan. The witness tends to be quite secretive about his role in the war, only stating that his unit was “relatively safe,” and only suffered two non-combat related casualties. The witness claims to have had a couple of potential encounters with ghosts during his service, and one of them occurred as he was sitting with some superiors and colleagues within a makeshift office in the desert which had three rooms. There were reportedly four other people in the cramped room with him when, as he was standing near the backdoor, he noticed his Lieutenant step through the door and enter a small adjoining contractor’s office. He saw the man clearly, but at this point there was nothing particularly strange about it, and the witness explained “he was wearing a FROG suit and everything. Nothing unusual about him. Even had the moustache.”….

Discovery in Ireland Revives Stories of Haunted Orphanages

The sad and horrific story of the bodies of children found beneath the Bon Secours Mother and Baby Home and orphanage in Tuam, Ireland, reminds us yet again of the atrocities that the human species continues to be capable of, especially against the most helpless members of society. It’s no wonder that some of the most haunted locations around the world are former orphanages and so-called ‘hospitals’ and ‘homes’ for those with physical and mental challenges.

Briefly, a mass grave containing the remains of as many as 800 babies and young children was discovered in an underground structure at the site of the former Bon Secours Mother and Baby Home in Tuam, County Galway, confirming decades of suspicions about the atrocities conducted at the facility, which was closed in 1961. While there are no well-publicized ghost appearances at the site, there are undoubtedly many that have gone unreported and paranormal investigators will certainly be searching for them and more.

Unfortunately, there are other more well-known orphanages alleged to be haunted by the spirits of those tortured and abused there. One is St. John’s Orphanage, also known as the Goulburn Boys Orphanage, in Goulburn, New South Wales, Australia, was in operation from 1913 to 1978 and rumored to be a place here beatings and abuse were common. The abandoned structure still stands and is reputed to be haunted……

Chilean National Police Spooked by Seemingly Haunted House

I tend to stay away from covering haunted house stories because they usually only come in one of two forms: clearly doctored “home videos,” or unsubstantiated eyewitness testimony. This story, however, contains official reports from an entire squad of Carabineros, Chile’s official national police force. According to Chilean news outlet Cooperativa, the Carabineros were called to a home in the southern Chilean town of Puerto Montt on Sunday, February 26 when the home’s residents reported witnessing strange paranormal phenomena. The family claims several small fires were seen to spontaneously ignite, and objects were thrown about by what sounds like a poltergeist.

Burnt objects and debris littered the area outside the home the morning after police were called.

Video taken the night of the incident shows…well, a lot of panicked voices, yelling, and the sounds of glass breaking:

Police arrived around 2:00 a.m. to find the house in disarray with several broken windows and various household items strewn about the residence. Carabinero Sgt. Boris Olavarria claimed that he immediately felt the presence of dark forcesimmediately after arriving at the home:

At first, it was strange, but once inside, I was questioning one of the owners when a trowel fell down from the attic. I called upon the devil, telling him to get out of there and when I was leaving I felt a knife that grazed my back. Since I was wearing a bulletproof vest, I was able to avoid injury.

The Carabineros were sufficiently spooked to high-tail it out of the house and relocate the family to a nearby shelter. A local reporter also reported feeling a dark presence when visiting the home, complete with strange, unexplained anxiety and numbness in her limbs…..

Holograms and the World of the Weird

The field of the unexplained and the paranormal is very much often focused on finding explanations to gain insight into and make sense of the things that seem to defy or elude conventional understanding. UFOS, ghosts, cryptids, there are as many attempts to explain them as there are people who gaze at them in wonder, some more plausible, others quite unique, and some which seem seek to force things to make sense. For instance, are UFOs aliens, inter-dimensional beings, time travelers, a trick of light, a weird cloud, tall tales, Venus reflecting off of the moon reflected off of whatever, a flock of birds? What about ghosts, Bigfoot, Nessie, or any of the other menageries of weird entities and beasts that populate the realm of the unexplained? You may very well get a different answer for every person you ask. But what if at least some instances of these phenomena are not anything real or tangible at all? What if they are merely holograms? This is something I had never really given much thought to before, yet the theory is floating around out there and it is an interesting one, that some cases of unexplained phenomena just might be holographic projections of some sort. Is there anything to this? Let’s take a look.

A very intriguing article first brought this unique possibility to my attention, which was originally published in the March, 2003 issue of Fate Magazine and entitled “Holograms and High Strangeness.” One of the highlights concerns a report from the country of Argentina, where in August of 2002 there was a flap of UFO sightings and subsequent cattle mutilations, which caught the attention of many a UFO researcher in the region. Among all of this high strangeness was the account of a young woman named Gabriela Lencinas,15, who says that one day in January of 2002 she was riding her bicycle back to the town of Paso Lovera after spending a day out with a friend, Griselda Olivera, 19, when they came across something beyond their experience….


Do Dogs Have Souls? Yes, They Do…

I’m not someone who is particularly interested in the phenomenon of ghosts. I haven’t written any books on the subject, although I have penned the occasional article on such things. I have taken part in a couple of TV shows on the controversy, too. But, that’s about it. I do, however, have an open mind on the subject. Not so much because of what I have researched and investigated, but because of something I personally experienced – as did my ex-wife, Dana. From early 2002 to December 2003, we lived in a small Texas town called Nederland. And with us was our faithful family dog, Charity the Shar-Pei. Charity looked imposing and not the kind of dog you would want to get into a fight with. But, in reality, Charity was a very gentle, laid-back dog who was happiest having a walk, crashing on the couch, and eating pizza crust.

Sadly, in December 2003, Charity died at the age of eight – just a handful of days after she went down with a condition that is all too prevalent in this particular breed, Familial Shar-Pei Fever. As soon as she got sick, we quickly took Charity to the veterinarian who had looked after her for all her life, but it was no use. The staff did their absolute best for Charity, but she succumbed and passed away. It was, of course, a very sad, tragic time for us. We buried Charity on the night of her death. But, in the days ahead, a few very strange things happened.

When Dana and me got back home from laying Charity to rest, we were wiped out. It had been a horrible, stressful day. At one point, though, I had to go into the garage and, as I opened the door, I was hit by an overpowering odor of wet-dog. It completely dominated the garage. I called Dana, who couldn’t fail to smell it, too. It’s important to note that after Charity fell sick, she never came home: she died at the veterinarian’s office and we took her directly from there to the plot of land where we buried her. So, physically, she had not been in our duplex for about four days. And no other dogs had been in the garage or the duplex either. The odor lingered for hours…..

Voodoo Doll Blamed For Mass Possession in Nicaragua

The Ministry of Health in Nicaragua is working to help officials in a small village in Nicaragua deal with over 30 residents who claim they have been “possessed by the devil” which many believe came to one of them in a voodoo doll. This is not the first time a mass “possession” has occurred in this area – it happens so often that it’s been given the name “grisi siknis” which means “crazy sickness.” Is it a demonic possession, an illness, mass hysteria or something else?

According to a spokesperson for Rosario Murillo, the Vice President of Nicaragua (yes, the problem is that serious), this latest outbreak of “grisi siknis” was first reported on February 10 in the community of Raití in Alto Wangki. A small number of residents reportedly suffered convulsions and hallucinations and many ran until they fainted, waking up later remembering nothing. All reportedly are stabilized and recovering.

The crazy sickness, also referred to as “collective insanity,” then moved to Santo Tomás de Umbra, where Murillo’s spokesperson said the outbreak was far more serious.

The outbreak of collective insanity is the second detected in the last four weeks . In the community of Santo Tomás de Umbra there have been 27 cases of indigenous people with delusions and shouts .

The indigenous people are the Miskito Indians who believe that grisi siknis starts with an evil spirit. Those affected show signs of nausea, anxiety, dizziness, irrational anger, periods of ‘rapid frenzy’ (running around) and visions of spirits and demons. They believe the demon moves from person to person when the affected one says the name of another. A traditional healer in Santo Tomás named Marisella has reportedly been treating the “possessed” with unnamed medicines poured on the victims’ back and claims she found the original source of the grisi siknis – a voodoo doll with a black ribbon and a cross marked on its face…..

Brazilian President Flees Official Residence Due to ‘Ghosts’

As we are thrust headlong into the ever-terrifying future, it’s natural that many heads of state would begin to feel the presence of the realms of the dead. After all, many governmental leaders – and governments themselves – are outdated, out-of-touch vestiges of a past pre-digital era. Some of the world’s current geopolitical conflicts can be seen as the death throes of an aging ruling class frightened by the ever-quickening rate of change in the world.

The skeletons in many country’s closets are now getting a chance to come out into the light, which certainly can spook bureaucrats who don’t want to come to terms with the ghosts of the past. Case in point: Brazilian President Michel Temer moved out of his country’s official presidential residence this week, telling reporters that evil spirits were afoot in the home. In an interview with Brazilian magazine Veja, Temer claims that the presence of these dark forces began to trouble him from the moment he stepped foot in the presidential mansion:

The Palace of Alvorada has a lot of rooms, about eight, all very large. Everything is ample and beautiful. But I felt something weird there. I wasn’t able to sleep since the first night. The energy was not good. Marcela felt the same thing. Only [(Michel’s son)] Michelzinho, who kept running back and forth, liked it. We started to think: is there a ghost? (laughs)

These “ghosts” got to the 76-year-old president and his 33-year-old wife that the pair moved out of the residence and back into the vice-president’s residence, Jaburu Palace…..

Catholic Clergy Claim Demonic Activity is On the Rise

It likely goes without saying, but these are truly dark times we live in. Firefly only gets one season but The Real Housewives of Orange County gets eleven? Eleven whole seasons? The forces of evil truly are winning the fight over our souls. Those brave individuals who are selfless enough to battle face-to-face with dark forces have witnessed a recent growing influence of evil spirits first-hand. In an interview with the National Catholic Register, Father Vincent Lampert reports that based on the exorcisms he has witnessed and performed, demonic activity in America is on the rise. Lampert has served as an exorcist for the Archdiocese of Indianapolis for over twelve years and claims to have assisted in performing over forty exorcisms alongside famed Italian exorcist Father Carmine De Filippi.

According to Lampert, this new level of demonic activity is due to the weakness of puny humans, not any newfound demonic strength:

The problem isn’t that the devil has upped his game, but more people are willing to play it. Where there is demonic activity, there is always an entry point.

Lampert cited recent surges in drug use, internet pornography, social media, and interest in the occult as evidence for moral weakness. Monsignor John Esseff, another Catholic clergyman and president of the Milwaukee-based Pope Leo XII Institute, echoes this claim that the spike in exorcisms is due to lax moral fortitude:

As the acceptance of sin has increased, so, too, has demonic activity. The bishops saw the need for more trained exorcists because so many cases were being referred from all over the country to the dioceses that had exorcists.

See, kids? This is how it starts. First it’s Snapchat and Netflix-and-chill, then the next thing you know, you’re having holy water thrown in your face while your bed levitates and bearded old men scream Latin at you. Stay away from them Real Housewives, kids…..

The Bizarre World of Phantom Plane Crashes

A very strange aerial phenomenon that has carved out its own niche within the world of the weird is that of phantom planes; ghostly aircraft that are seen and heard but which suddenly vanish without a trace. These are not UFOs in the sense that they are reported as alien ships or something unrecognizable and unexplainable, but rather they are described as clearly being airplanes of human design, often vintage models but not always. I have written extensively on this phenomenon here at Mysterious Universe before, but one subspecies of this phenomenon is that of the phantom plane crash, meaning that it seems that even mysterious ghost planes are not above crashing from time to time.

A phantom plane crash is when a plane is seen, it goes down, the crash is witnessed, heard, sometimes even felt as the ground reverberates with the violent force of impact. Often reports mention raging flames, smoke, or even people parachuting to safety. The smell of smoke, burning oil, fuel, rubber, or all of the above is often detected. However, when the supposed crash site is investigated nothing at all is there. No wreckage, no crash, no mayhem, absolutely nothing. Usually in these cases no plane or person is reported missing in the area, and certainly no distress call or crash, air traffic control will report nothing unusual, yet the witnesses remain adamant that a plane has indeed crashed. So where did the plane go? How could it crash and then just vanish off the face of the earth as if it were never there? This is the weird, spooky world of phantom plane crashes…..

Specters of the Emerald Isle: The Lively Ghosts of Ireland

Irish folklore is often most famously associated with leprechauns, the diminutive and often mischievous little folk of the country. Often depicted sporting green apparel and all manner of eccentric features (with a particular affinity for buckles), they are perhaps overshadowed only by “the gentle folk” themselves, the faeries who were famously said to come and steal away weary travelers by night.

As lively and renowned as Ireland’s perennial faerie lore remains, there is no shortage of matters dealing with the afterlife in the cultural heritage of the Emerald Isle. Ghost stories are rife throughout the legends of the Irish countryside, with

Irish poet William Butler Yeats wrote many collections of ghost stories about his country, inspired by one “Paddy Flynn”, an old hermit he had known who possessed, among his eccentricities, a fondness for such tales of the spectral. In his The Celtic Twilight, Yeats recounts thusly some of the beliefs about the common ghost said to inhabit many Irish homes:

The house ghost is usually a harmless and well meaning creature. It is put up with as long as possible. It brings good luck to those who live with it. I remember two children who slept with their mother and sisters and brothers in one small room. In the room was also a ghost. They sold herrings in the Dublin streets, and did not mind the ghost much, because they knew they would always sell their fish easily while they slept in the ‘ha’nted’ room.

I have some acquaintance among the ghost-seers of western villages. The Connacht tales are very different from those of Leinster. These spirits have a gloomy, matter-of-fact way with them. They come to announce a death, to fulfill some obligation, to revenge a wrong, to pay their bills even—as did a fisherman’s daughter the other day—and then hasten to their rest.

“It is demons, and not ghosts, that transform themselves into white cats or black dogs,” Yeats wrote, acknowledging the long-held traditions of “spectral hounds” said to roam parts of the British Isles. Interestingly, as Yeats describes of traditional Irish ghost stories and beliefs associated with them, it was actually considered good luck to allow a ghost to reside in one’s dwelling place. …..