Cursed Jacket Blamed for 20 Deaths

“Killer jacket” means different things to different people. To a woman in New York, it may mean a high fashion item. To a strange guy in Cleveland, it may mean an overcoat once worn by serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer. To the members of a village in Zimbabwe, it means a jacket that is allegedly responsible for the deaths of at least 20 people in the same family who got sick and died after the patriarch put it on. No, this doesn’t appear to be a mistake due to Google Translate. And yes, one should wonder why the family didn’t donate the coat to a resale shop (Badwill?) after the first few deaths.

The story comes from The Manica Post, which reports that the strange case of the killer jacket came to light when the Chinoona family appeared in the court of Zimunya, a small village in the province of Manicaland on the east coast of Zimbabwe. Court? Yes, the family was appealing to the chief of the Zimunya court to order their uncle to destroy an “evil jacket” which they believe is responsible for the deaths of 20 family members.

There are a number of spirits and possessions in the story, so pay close attention. A grandchild in the family claimed to be possessed by the spirit of the family’s late father. The spirit said he had been murdered by the uncle and the murder weapon was the “evil jacket.” The jacket became evil after the uncle, Mutsiyabako, committed a previous murder and the spirit of that victim came to haunt him. When the uncle tried an “underworld” ritual to rid himself of the spirit, he was wearing the jacket. Mutsiyabako then gave the jacket to his sister to give to her husband (the patriarch). She later claimed the jacket was “heavier” than usual, but her husband wore it anyways, got sick suddenly and died a mysterious death. In 1998……