Evil Ghosts and a Haunted Jail in Georgia

A lot of ghostly phenomena is, although frightening to the witness, more often than not actually rather harmless. Objects moving, lights flickering, bumps and noises, and even faint apparitions, all of this is for the most part fairly innocuous. However, at times there are alleged spirits or entities that are decidedly more vicious, and one of these can be supposedly be found residing in an old abandoned jail in the U.S. state of Georgia, a building which itself has garnered a reputation as being ground zero for a wide range of high strangeness.

One of the most haunted places in all of Georgia, and indeed the entire United States, is said to be the old Chatham County Jail in Savannah, located on the corner of Oglethorpe Avenue and Montgomery Street. The jail spent decades housing up to 300 hundred inmates at a time, and was even said to have its share of hangings during this time, up until 1989, when it was shut down and became a storage area for city archives, eventually being abandoned altogether in 2006 and going on to be made into an annual haunted house for Halloween operated as a fundraiser for the Chatham County Youth Commission and the Wounded Warrior Project. This is perhaps fitting, as although the inmates might be gone now, there are said to be some that still linger in one form or another……