Fire Poltergeists Blamed for Mysterious Burnings in Vietnam

Can watching Fahrenheit 451 cause your television to catch fire? Sounds farfetched, but no more so than the presence of a fire poltergeist. That’s one of the possibilities being considered in the ongoing investigation of mysterious recurring fires in a home in the Thu Thua district in the Mekong Delta region of Vietnam that have destroyed televisions, radios, phone chargers, clothes, chairs, plastic baskets and many more items. Is this a case of spontaneous plastic combustion? Psychokinesis? Arson? Gas?

According to various Vietnamese media sources, the fires seem to have started on or about May 10 at the home of Nguyen Van An in the low-lying Long An district in southern Vietnam. While An claims this has never happened before, it appears there may also have been mysterious fires occurring in the same village in 2011 at the home of Nguyen Thi Luong. The accounts are similar – while sitting in the house, the family hears crackling and finds a fire … in a closet, in a room, even in front of them. (Photos here.)

Because of the frequency of the fires at the home of Nguyen Van An, local government officials called for investigators from the Department of Science and Technology of the Long An province. They reported that the most common items catching fire were made of plastic, not wood, paper or other highly flammable materials. The objects inflamed only during the day and only inside the house or in a back garden. The investigators found no presence of natural or synthetic combustible gases, no radiation and no evidence of accidental combustion due to sunlight passing through glass…..