Haunted Police Station in India Has Cops Terrified

If there’s something strange in your neighborhood, who you gonna call?

Well, if it’s ghosts, you call the Ghostbusters. If it’s anything else, the police would be a better choice. But … what if YOU’RE the police and you’ve got ghosts in your station house? That’s the situation in an Indian town known for haunted public places where the police are so terrified of what they’ve seen at the station, they abandon it to the ghost every night at 11 pm. Is this a case of evil spirits or just a great way to get some time off?

“Nothing appears fine here. We feel terrified all the time out of sudden fear.”

That would make a terrible opening line for a movie theme song, but it’s the actual quote from the Bihar Times of police sub-inspector S Baske describing the poltergeist problems at the Jugsalai police station in Jamshedpur, a town in the Jharkhand state in eastern India. The ghosts are said to manifest in multiple manners, starting with eerie sounds that begin at 11 pm and increase to haunting heights just past midnight. Even if the police had the number of the nearest ghostbusters or fellow police station, it would do them no good.

“We have been repairing the phone lines on a daily basis, but strangely they stop working by evening. This is an everyday problem.”

One suspected cause for the alleged ghostly activities comes from locals who report that the police station was built upon a shmashāna – a Hindu cremation ground where the dead are brought to be burned on a funeral pyre. Shmashāna are traditionally located on the shores of a river to facilitate disposal of the cremation ashes and this one is near the banks of the Subarnarekha, a 245 mile-long river that is haunted by the manmade ghosts of pollution caused by uranium and copper mining operations……..