Hinduism Perspective

Rajeev Rajashekar from Kerala, India, is a United Nations staff member in Manama, Bahrain. He often works after hours in his second-floor office. Around 10 pm one evening, the hallway lights began turning off and on. The door to a colleague’s office repeatedly opened and closed. Rajeev was startled, yet remained until the activity became unbearable…..






Does the Hindu religion teach about the existence of ghosts and spirits?

Hinduism teaches that ghosts are people without physical bodies, the souls of people who died before their time, typically by tragedy. Many Hindus believe human beings have two bodies. When the physical life ends prematurely with the passing of the first body called the gross body, the person will remain in an ethereal state in the second body called the subtle body, until the remaining time of the life is complete and an entirely new body can be inhabited. Having not fully experienced life’s joys, ghosts experience great suffering due to the senses remaining intact, but without a physical body to interact with our world through. Therefore, it is impossible to satisfy the ghost’s desires and a hell-like state of existence is suffered for the set period of time allotted…..