Law Enforcement and the World of the Supernatural


When people have brushes with the paranormal and bizarre, the police may be the first ones that many will call, but what happens when it is police officers themselves who come face to face with things beyond their understanding? As it turns out, there are numerous accounts from law enforcement personnel of having encounters with the unexplained, something I have actually covered before, and for the most part they are just as baffled and frightened as any one else in these cases. These accounts are intriguing, as they show a glimpse into what happens when the men and women of the law come face to face with mysterious forces they have not been trained to deal with, and illustrate that they are only human, and just as susceptible to being unsettled by such phenomena as anyone else.

Many of these paranormal encounters of law enforcement revolve around places imbued with a violent past. Take the case of a house in Fort Bragg, North Carolina, in the United States, which was the location of a gruesome and notorious crime. On February 17, 1970 a medical doctor assigned as a surgeon for the Green Berets named Jeffrey MacDonald killed his pregnant wife and two young daughters with a knife, ice pick, and club at their home, after which he had smeared the word “pig” in blood on the headboard of a bed, in a murder case that would shock the nation. In the wake of the crime, the house, which was abandoned for years, was said to be intensely haunted, and this has been confirmed by military policemen who work at the base….