Mysterious Disappearing Phantom Houses

There are many cases of haunted houses in the world, ranging from the odd to the truly bizarre. Yet going beyond merely just being the lairs of ghosts and specters, what of those houses that seem to be specters in and of themselves? There have long been tales of whole houses seeming to dissipate from view, to blink into nothingness, often to reappear just as mysteriously, and here are some of the strangest.

One instance of a pervasive tale of a phantom house occurred in the early 20th century in Versailles, France. At this time two women by the names of Charlotte Anne Moberly and Eleanor Jourdain went for a visit to the Petit Trianon, which was a modest house situated within the Trianon gardens on the grounds of the Palace of Versailles. There they experienced a classic time-slip, witnessing the house as it had appeared in the 18th century, seeing buildings and structures in the area that no longer existed, and even sighting ghosts walking about in antique clothing, including that of none other than Marie Antoinette herself.

In the wake of this decidedly strange experience the two women researched the history of the area and returned to the same house for their investigation. However, when they arrived there was no trace of any such house having ever been there, nor even the path they had walked along to get there. All they could see were droves of tourists, none of whom had any idea of what they were talking about when asked. The women would write of this strange anomaly in a book entitled¬†An adventure, but it was mostly written off as mostly a delusion at the time……