New Solution to Fermi’s Paradox Involves ET Annihilation

“Where is everybody?”

Enrico Fermi’s famous paradoxical question in response to the high probability that extraterrestrial civilizations exist and should be visiting us has spawned a controversial answer and another question … and this time, the answer could get ugly.

“What if the first life that reaches interstellar travel capability necessarily eradicates all competition to fuel its own expansion?”

Alexander Berezin, a theoretical physicist at the National Research University of Electronic Technology in Russia, proposed in a new paper, published in arXiv, that the ability to leave one’s home planet and travel to other worlds may require the attitude that nothing will stand in their way and anything that does will be annihilated. Berezin calls this his “First in, last out” hypothesis, meaning that the first civilization to achieve the capacity to travel to other worlds will be the last civilization standing. (“Last Civilization Standing” – soon to be a major motion picture?)……