The Ark of Gabriel, Antarctica, Russia and the Apocalypse

A strange series of seemingly linked news stories popped up recently about something called the Ark of Gabriel. It’s referred to as “Gabriel’s Instructions To Muhammad” and is mentioned in conjunction with mass deaths in Saudi Arabia, Russian military operations, secret bases in Antarctica and, most recently, the leader of the Russian Orthodox Church. What is the Ark of Gabriel and why is it suddenly in the news?

While substantiated references to the Ark of Gabriel seem to be non-existent, there are plenty of unsubstantiated tales about it. The most popular story is that the Archangel Gabriel – who many believe told Mary she would give birth to Jesus and dictated the Koran to the Prophet Muhammed – also gave an ark to Muhammed to bury at a place of worship where it would not be removed until the end of the world. It’s not the same as the Ark of the Covenant, which is mention in the Christian Bible and the Koran.

That place of worship was believed to be the Grand Mosque (Masjid al-Haram Mosque) in Mecca, Saudi Arabia, where millions pilgrimage annually. The Grand Mosque was being expanded in 2015 when, on September 11th, a crane fell, killing 107 people, including a construction crew. One rumor was that the construction crew had discovered the Ark of Gabriel and was killed by a “plasma emission.” Less than two weeks later, on September 24th, an estimated 4,000 worshipers were killed in what was officially called a stampede and unofficially called another “plasma emission” linked to the Ark…..

Mothers of Alien Hybrid Children Form a Support Group

Let’s say you have a strange feeling that you’ve been abducted by aliens, had sex with them and then gave birth to hybrid children whom you’ll never meet. Perhaps you have dreams that your eggs were harvested by aliens who allow you to see and talk to your hybrid children in those dreams. Who would you go to with such a story? Would it help to know that there’s a support group of women just like you with similar stories? It’s true!

According to its Facebook page, the Hybrid Children Community (sometimes referred to as the Hybrid Baby Community) is a group of mothers (and some fathers) who believe they have hybrid children who “are a genetic blend of human and extraterrestrial (Zeta Reticuli/Grey) DNA.” These children live in a different dimension but their mothers believe they communicate with them in dreams and that they will be physically reunited soon. They believe that the 1997 Phoenix Lights were from a ship bearing such hybrids known as The Shalinaya which they say means “those who will come first.”

Bridget Nielson has recently been interviewed about her experiences and the organization. Bridget lives in Sedona, Arizona, and claims she’s had sex with aliens (“It was an incredible super primal, super raw, super primal sexual experience”) resulting in 10 hybrid children (4 boys, 6 girls). She says thousands of women around the world have had their DNA harvested by aliens but don’t know it or are afraid to admit their dreams and feelings might be real. She believes the aliens only mate with women who “want to be taken.”….

Peruvian Girl Gets Possessed While Using Ouija Board App

If you thought that the worst thing that you could get on your cell phone was a sext message from a creepy politician, guess again. A girl in Peru downloaded a Ouija board app to her phone, tried it out and ended up seemingly possessed by an evil spirit. This isn’t the first report of demons using cell phones. Is it time to go back to landlines and phone booths?

According to witnesses, 18-year-old Patricia Quispe from Chosica, Peru, downloaded a Ouija board app to her smartphone at the urging of her friends (what a surprise!). Apparently Patricia and her friends used the app for a while, then the party broke up and she went home.

Her parents noticed Patricia was acting strangely (strange than usual – after all, she’s a teenager). In this case, “strange” meant foaming at the mouth, convulsing and screaming. Thinking she may have taken drugs or eaten something that made her sick, they contacted her friends who confessed it might be the Ouija app…..

UFO Over Ohio Cemetery May Be Searching for ET Graveyard

When an extraterrestrial dies on Earth and can’t be taken back to the home planet, where do the mourning ETs bury their friend? Would you believe … Ohio? A UFO was spotted recently over a cemetery in Chillicothe, Ohio. Were the occupants paying their last respects?

According to the MUFON report, two witnesses saw a “rounded triangle” UFO pass overhead on October 10th while taking nighttime photos at the Grandview Cemetery in Chillicothe, a city in southwestern Ohio. The object was silent and the metallic base reflected lights from the city. Unfortunately, it was moving too fast for either of these photographers to capture a picture.

Was this UFO visiting the cemetery? It wouldn’t be unusual. On September 8th, 2015, a UFO was spotted hovering over a cemetery in Sarasota, Florida. The object was low enough for the witness to look into a window and see what was described as a bald man looking at the ground under the light cast from the object. In 1967, two teenage boys reported a UFO hovering 200 feet above the Mount Pleasant Cemetery in Edmonton, Alberta, where a caretaker later found strange marks on the ground…..

The Mysterious Secret Society of Assassins

Secret societies are mysterious enough, but sometimes they go beyond merely enigmatic, spooky organizations and gather a dark reputation as being a lethal force to be reckoned with, reaching out to deal death to those who oppose them. Such is the story of a shadowy secret order of assassins which was formed in ancient Persia and which kept the region under the grip of terror for over a century. Always lurking in the shadows, they could be anyone, and they were always ready to pounce, patiently waiting for word from their master to bloom outwards from the darkness and shadows to deliver death at a moment’s notice. Let us delve into some of the murky history of one of the most secretive and lethal secret orders of the ancient world and indeed history as a whole.

The road to the formation of one of the most terrifying secret societies the world would ever know began in Egypt in the first millennium AD, which was then under the control of the Ismaili sect of Shiite Islam, which had long been a small minority group within the religion, who followed Ismail bin Jafar, an iman who was not recognized by the larger Shiite group, and practiced a faith marked by radical egalitarianism and shunning of the luxury in which the ruling Sunni Abbasid caliphs enjoyed. At the time, the Ismaili sect had long been despised and persecuted by both the Sunnis and other Shiites alike, and they were considered to be revolutionary heretics. Mostly scattered and powerless, this sect had lived on the fringes of Islam for years, secretly preaching their ideology through missionaries known as da’is. It was one of these da’is by the name of Ubayd Allah who would launch a successful revolt to overthrow the local Sunni dynasty of what is now Tunisia and subsequently start the Fatimid caliphate in 910 AD, which quickly went on to conquer Egypt, Palestine, the holy cities of Mecca and Medina, and parts of Syriainto, from which they spread their brand of theology…..

UFO Seen Over Vineyard in Argentina

Have aliens developed taste for the fine wines of Argentina? That could be one reason why a UFO was spotted recently over a famous vineyard in Argentina – a vineyard named for a cruel practice of one of its owners. The name also belongs to a copper mine in Ecuador. With UFOs often seen at these mines in South America, could this possibly be a case of aliens reading their map wrong?

The UFO was spotted at 4 am on November 4th by an unnamed woman in El Challo, a town in the district of Mendoza in western Argentina. She managed to make a shaky recording of the UFO with her cell phone.

The woman also mentioned that the UFO was over El Mirador. That’s a vineyard in town whose name translates to The Tower. Why? A notorious owner of the vineyard used to stand on a tower and watch over his workers. Nice guy. Then again, the Argentine wine industry is the fifth largest in the world and is centered in Mendoza. Could this be why the UFO was visiting? Is “The Tower” a beacon for some of the best red wine in the universe?

While local wine could explain this UFO sighting and a previous one in 1959 of a daytime disc-shaped object, there may be other reasons. El Challo is also home to a stunning glass pyramid-shaped church, the Sanctuary of Lourdes, which is annually visited by tens of thousands of devotees of Our Lady of Lourdes. Were aliens attracted to its unique architecture or in need of a miracle?….

Spontaneous Cancer Remission: Medical Mystery or Miracle?

Among all of the diseases one can get, cancer is certainly one the deadliest, most notorious, and feared. More or less incurable, it spreads through us and ravages our bodies until we wither away and die, for the most part helpless to stop its inexorable, destructive march. Yet for all of the tragedy, sadness, and pain that the specter of cancer has wrought upon us, there are numerous stories of those who have inexplicably and spontaneously been cured of its ravages, to the bafflement of both family members and doctors. These are the bizarre cases in which people who were considered terminally ill with cancer have undergone a miraculous transformation from doomed to perfectly healthy, without treatment and in some cases practically overnight. It is the very opposite of everything we understand about cancer; that it is a progressively degenerative disease that gets worse, not better, and certainly not without treatment. Often hailed and held up by the religious as proof of the power of prayer and of a higher, benevolent force, these baffling sudden reversals of what should be a relentless death sentence of a disease have long baffled the medical community and inspired awe and reverence in the faithful throughout history. What lies at the root of this little understood phenomenon? Can it be rationally explained with biological processes that we just do not fully understand yet? Is it proof of some kind of power of mind over matter? Or are these true miracles perpetuated by some inscrutable higher power? Let us take a journey into the strange, mysterious, and little understood world of spontaneous cancer remission.

In order to understand just how dramatic and amazing some of these spontaneous remissions, also called spontaneous regressions, can be, perhaps it is best to look into some examples of these puzzling cases. One such well-known case is that of Sharyn Mackay, a 46-year-old mother of four from Newcastle, Co Down, in Northern Ireland. Sharyn’s hopes for the future and dreams of watching her kids grow up were dashed when she was diagnosed with spindle cell sarcoma, which is normally a bone cancer but in this case had developed into a hideous, cancerous kidney tumor. This condition of having this type of bone cancer become a kidney tumor is so rare, with only 10 documented cases worldwide, that perplexed doctors had to send samples to be analyzed by specialists in London, Glasgow and Harvard just to be sure what they were dealing with. Doctors kept an eye on Sharyn’s kidney condition, but by April 2004 the cancer had spread out its tendrils throughout her kidneys and into her lungs, and she was told that it was a terminal case that was inoperable and would likely not be helped by chemotherapy or other treatments. Sharyn was given a year to live at the very most, and was told that treatment would only add perhaps a few weeks to that in the best case scenario…..

Another Ghost City Brings New Talk of Parallel Universes

Are we getting some kind of warning from a parallel universe? Another “ghost” or “floating” city was spotted in China, this time in Dalian. Scores of people witnessed it, many photographed it, many more asked, “What IS it?”

The appearance of a ghostly city above the clouds occurred on March 18th in Dalian, a major seaport in the south of Liaoning Province and the southernmost city in Northeast China, which is also known as Manchuria. The reports don’t indicate time-of-day, but the video appears to be during daylight hours. There’s also no specific location, although one reference says it is over a “lake.” There is no mention of any lakes in Dalian, so it’s more likely over the Korea Bay or the harbor, which is called the Dalian Bay.

The phenomenon is definitely being observed by a number of people, with some reports saying it was in the “thousands.” Since the witnesses appear to be looking out over water and the one report said it was over a “lake,” we can assume it’s not fog around the skyscrapers of beautiful downtown Dalian. So what are they looking at?…..


To Hell and Back: The Dark Side of Near Death Experiences

What happens after we die, and what becomes of us after we push through the mysterious boundary between life and death? This is a question which has enthralled, puzzled, and captured the imagination of mankind since time unremembered. There are no easy answers, and it sometimes seems that there are as many ideas of what happens when we pass on as there are religions and philosophies of those who do; ranging being whisked off to some kind of heaven where loved ones await us, to the idea that we are reborn into new bodies, to the sobering thought that we merely blink out of existence into the chasm of oblivion. In the end no one really knows, and for the most part the realm of death remains an impenetrable, vast sea of mysteries.

One of the only clues we have as to what might lie beyond our mortal coil is the phenomenon of near death experiences, commonly referred to as NDEs, wherein someone who has died or is at the edge of the precipitous ledge between life and death is somehow resuscitated and comes crashing back to the world of the living, often with a bizarre story to tell of their glimpse through a cracked window into the afterlife. Yet even with NDEs there are a plethora of different, very often conflicting accounts of what happens when we die. For some, they are ejected from their bodies to float above their corpse. Some frighteningly remember nothing, only a yawning black void as if they were in a deep, dreamless sleep. Others see a pleasant tunnel of light leading off to some mystical realm or even Heaven itself, and many report actually visiting these realms and being met by long gone loved ones and relatives. And then there are tales from those who were met not by a tunnel of light or love, but rather a peak into a terrifying place of suffering that can only really be described as Hell itself.

Near death experiences have long been reported by people throughout history, but it was not until the 1970s that it was ever really seriously studied or brought to the public consciousness. Indeed, it was in the 1975 smash hit book, Life After Life, that author Raymond Moody first coined the term “near death experience” to describe the mystical, transcendental, very often bizarre experiences that those brushing with death claimed they experienced. From there the phenomenon captured the attention of psychiatrists, psychologists, and other scientific researchers, who studied these experiences in clinical settings. Although a great many NDEs described out of body experiences or bright visions of something that might be called Heaven, these studies began to uncover a disturbing subset of the phenomenon that seemed to indicate that some of these experiences were far from pleasant, and pointed at people actually visiting Hell itself, or a realm akin to our understanding of it……

Deathnauts: Strange Scientific Journeys Into the Afterlife

One of the great frontiers of human experience and the unknown is that of what happens to us when we inevitably die. It is perhaps the final frontier we face, and certainly the most mysterious. What happens to us when we pass on? Do we simply blink out of existence? Are we reborn into new bodies? Does our soul transfer to another plane of existence? Do we even have a “soul” as we like to think of it at all? These are some of the many questions concerning the afterlife which mankind has pondered since time unremembered. The realm of death is a complete cipher to us, a place into which we can only make a one way journey and which lies in an obscured, unexplored territory more inaccessible than the highest mountain or deepest undersea abyss, indeed more remote than the furthest edges of the solar system and even the edge of the universe as we know it. What becomes of us after death remains a complete mystery to us which we have long been frustratingly unable to explore to any appreciable degree without making that one way journey for ourselves.

Yet, with the advent of science and technology, and our increasing abilities to explore the outer fringes of our understanding, there has arisen a new question: can we scientifically prove and verify what happens to us after death? Can we use our advanced knowledge and technology to settle the age old debate of scientists, philosophers, and lay men alike once and for all? In this era of discovery, where we are ever relentlessly unlocking the secrets to our planet and the universe, pushing out into the boundaries past all that was known before, there have indeed been attempts to scientifically study what lies beyond our demise. These are the efforts of those who would penetrate that last frontier and come back with the answers we seek.

Those who would scientifically attempt to delve into the afterlife have long been plagued by dogma, ridicule, and misunderstanding. In one 1982 poll, it was found that a mere 16% of top scientists from various fields questioned believed that there was an afterlife at all, and only 4% thought we would ever be able to conclusively prove it. This general dismissive attitude and air of disinterest by the scientific community has hampered efforts for those who would seriously try to study the afterlife, as funding is rarely granted for such projects and those who pursue this avenue of research risk ridicule and derisive scorn from their peers. Interestingly, the rate of belief in an afterlife among medical doctors is significantly higher, with a 2005 poll showing that 59% of American medical doctors believed in an afterlife, which is a dramatically higher percentage than any other scientific profession……