UFOs and Disclosure: Reframing the Debate

When most self-proclaimed ‘UFOlogists’ speak of UFOs, a certain word is rarely far from their lips: “Disclosure.” That elusive announcement from officialdom that we are not alone in the universe and that alien intelligences may already be interacting with us. The commonly held belief within the UFO community is that, following such an announcement, when the dust has finally settled, a new age of cosmic enlightenment will surely begin.

Here at Mysterious Universe, Micah Hanks recently discussed The Pitfalls of the UFO Disclosure Movement. Micah posed the question: “Is banking on the notion that ‘disclosure’ will eventually happen really the most productive way to go about further studies into the UFO question?” His answer was no: “A bit of self-reliance and forward thinking may be the best tools we have for use in a better assessment of the phenomenon.”

I share this perspective. A grassroots, bottom-up approach to understanding UFOs is more appealing to me than the notion that UFO ‘truth’ will eventually reach us from a top-down level, handed to us by officialdom on a saucer-shaped platter. Even if the latter scenario comes to pass – an official announcement of some sort – would we accept without question the information presented to us in light of the national security state’s long history of obfuscation and disinformation on this subject (and on most subjects)? I certainly would not. It begs the question: can any official statement on UFO reality from the US government (or any major government) ever be trusted? The sensible answer should be resounding, “NO.” And, yet, large sections of the UFO community still hope dearly that the truth they seek will come from the mouths of the establishment figures they so deeply distrust. It’s a schizophrenic paradigm…..